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DLL Helper - a free program for finding and updating dll files

DLL Helper - a program for finding, downloading and installing DLLs. DLL-Helper online storage contains hundreds of thousands of DLLs used in various programs, games, drivers, system applications, services, etc.
To install the required DLL, you need to follow a few simple steps:
Enter or copy the name of the library in the search bar of the program.
The program displays a list of downloadable DLLs.
Click on the name of the required library.
In the new tab, click the "Install" button.
The selected DLL will be downloaded, then copied (installed) to the required system directory.
By default, the program runs in "Simple mode". It involves downloading and installing the latest (of the currently available on the server) versions of the files.
In the Advanced mode, DLL-Helper displays all available versions and bit sizes of the selected libraries, providing the ability to download them individually.
If the library does not work for some reason, the user can delete it.

Sometimes when starting programs or games, an error is displayed on the screen about the absence or inoperability of a DLL. In some cases, even installing them using the DLL helper application does not solve the problem. Most likely, the whole point is that the program / driver / game causing the error does not see the installed DLL. Here you can do the following:
Find and download a broken library using DLL-Helper in a standard way.
After the download is complete, click on the link “Show DLL in Explorer”.
A folder will open in Windows Explorer, the DLL file will be automatically selected. Copy the library.
Open the folder with the game / program in which the main executable EXE-file is located. Paste the copied library into this directory. If the directory with the game / program / driver already has a DLL with the same name, you need to replace the file.
Launch a game/program.

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